Los Ángeles Literature

25289733_726724220864274_6759486172895832454_nLos Angeles Literature, the blog/site I’ve created and run, has become a resource website that connects the residents of Los Ángeles and its outlying communities to its literary community and the community’s history, to fill a void in the lack of news and knowledge of this vibrant literary community. For too many decades people who were not from Los Ángeles, most notably New Yorkers, ridiculed L.A. for its lack of culture and by consequence its lack of a literary community. This was not true. In L.A., culture just happens, no one caring if anyone notices or not. Residents and visitors alike would have to do a little digging to know what events were upcoming in the literary community. Most notably, for a time in the 1970s and 1980s, the long standing literary arts center located in Venice, Beyond Baroque, attempted to solve this problem by publishing a listing of citywide literary events.

However, after discovering Mike “The Poet” Sonksen’s articles about the Los Ángeles literary community on KCET.org, I wanted to learn more, not only about the history of this community, but also about what was going on, i.e. who these writers, literary organizations and literary festivals are, not to mention upcoming events. So, I created losangelesliterature.wordpress.com to fill this void.

As the site’s mission reads it is, “a resource to explore L.A.’s vast literary culture.”

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