6 Sessential L.A. Kid Reads

FROM: L.A. Parent

The first time I truly felt connected to L.A. was through the novels of Francesca Lia Block. I first learned about her from a panel she was on at the first Los Angeles Times Festival of Books in 1996. I was in the 5th grade. That day, I bought, and she signed for me, her first and most famous novel, “Weetzie Bat.” It’s a short novel set in Hollywood, where she was born and raised, about Weetzie Bat and her best friend Dirk navigating life and love in an almost dreamlike version of L.A.

As an native, I found it powerful to read about places I’d been to and discover new places in my city, even if some of the finer points of Block’s novel went over my head. I was beginning to explore who and what L.A. is and who lives here and to learn about the world I was growing up in. What I didn’t know at the time, and wouldn’t know until I was much older, is  that Block’s young adult novels and stories are a part of a vast literary cannon of L.A. literature. Read Rest of Article Here


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